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Indoor Track & Field


Indoor Track & Field is the discipline of the sport that occurs in an indoor arena. Aside from being held under a roof, the actual track is typically laid out as a 200m oval, or half the size of an outdoor track. This season runs from November to March and takes place completely indoors. There are several out-of-town track meets during the Indoor season for athletes to compete in, culminating in the Indoor Provincial Championships in Edmonton. 

Indoor track meets offer an exciting, arena-style atmosphere and build team camaraderie while strengthening an athletes individual skills. Competing in the meets is not mandatory and club members can opt to keep their participation to the local practices to improve their skills and conditioning while staying warm in the winter months.

We offer instruction in the Run, Jump and Throw events, as well as sprint and distance running. 

Our indoor programming is held at the University of Lethbridge 1st Choice Savings Centre.



Outdoor Track & Field


Outdoor Track & Field is what most people associate with our sport. Running events occur on a 400m oval track with the field (jumping & throwing) activities occurring on the inside of the oval. This season runs from April to June and is a great opportunity to experience the joy of getting back outdoors after a long winter.

Of our three programs, Outdoor Track & Field  contains the most opportunities for athletes to compete in many local, provincial, and national meets. With a wide variety of races and field events, outdoor meets are so much fun because there is ALWAYS something on on. Similar to Indoor Track & Field, competing in meets is not mandatory and we welcome any member who would like to participate in our sport in a non-competitive environment. 

We offer instruction in the Run, Jump and Throw events, as well as sprint and distance running. 

Our outdoor programming is held at the University of Lethbridge Community Stadium.

Cross Country


Cross country is an outdoor running sport that occurs on courses over varied terrain. Our season runs from September to November and takes place at Nicholas Sheran park. Unlike the track events, Cross Country involves hills, rain, snow, trails, grass and mud. If you like to get dirty, this is your sport! Distances vary but can range from four to twelve kilometres.

Individually, runners are awarded on their finishing times and overall place in a race. For the team event, the first five runners from each team are awarded points based on their overall race placement (one point for first place, two for second place, etc.) In Cross Country, the low score wins! 

Like our other programs, competing in races is not mandatory. We encourage anyone to come out and stay active in the cool, crisp, Autumn evenings. 



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